Water Mist Systems

Atomized water spray system is typically used for the protection of Hydro-generators. The system is designed for automatic/manual operation in case of fire inside the generator.
The system comprises of ring headers inside the generator. The ring headers are fed at one point through pipes via control valve station located near the generator. Each of the ring headers are fitted with specially designed nozzles at the top and on the bottom discharging water in the form of atomized water spray. The nozzles are properly spaced such that every cm of protected area is covered by the atomized water spray. The control system is designed in such a way that on operation of Heat plus Smoke Detectors, alarm comes and after a time delay a relay is energized and operates the solenoid operated valve of the Deluge system. The system then discharges Water in the form of atomized water spray or water mist. There is an option of discharging water through Manual mode also.