Gas Suppression Systems


The Inergen system comprises of a bank of cylinders each connected to a release manifold via discharge hoses.  

The system is capable of electric (through solenoid) and manual actuation. In normal philosophy electric actuation is used and in case Electric Actuation fails to operate, provision of manual actuation is also provided.

Automatic Release:

Automatic release is accomplished via detectors installed in the protected areas. Detectors are installed and programmed on cross zone principle to avoid accidental release of gas due to malfunctioning / false alarm. As soon as a fire is detected from both the detectors, signal is sent to the Fire Alarm Panel. 

Potential free contacts are provided in FAP for switching off AC system.  Simultaneously, respective solenoid valve on the electric actuator mounted on the cylinder gets energized through panel to open electrically. The Inergen gas released from cylinder bank is directed to the area under fire.

Manual release:

Manual release is accomplished by pressing the push button at a “Manual Push Button Station". Once the push button has been pressed, the system will be released as described above.