Basket strainer

 Manufactured by using high quality mild steel, these basket strainers are known for straining unwanted particulates. These are efficient in preventing damages to different parts of the system like nozzles, engines, heat exchanger, pumps etc. Our offered products remove substances like liquid, steam, gas etc. In addition to this, the said equipments are accustomed in pipelines for protecting control valves, regulators, pumps, meter, steam traps, and more. Basket strainers strain dust, dirt, solids and other residues from the liquid. These are known for purifying materials in several industries. Appreciated widely for excellent performance, high quality, fast operations and longer service life. 

  • Type  : Flanged, Basket Type
  • Size & Number : 300Mm Dia., 2 Nos.
  • Maximum  Pressure  drop through strainer  at rated flow of : 1.5MWC,  410M3Ihr
  • Material of construction : M S Pipe  IS:3589,  Material-   IS  2062 Gr.A
  • Strainer : SS-AISI316
  • Perforated  sheet : SS-316,  16SWG
  • Mesh size : 30Mesh.  30 SWG
  • Screen  open area to pipe cross section : 4:1
  • Hydrostatic  test pressure : 15kg/cm2