MVWS System

Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems are used on oil tanks, conveyors and cable galleries.

Medium Velocity Water Spray System consists of the following : -

  1. Main Header Piping (MS, Black)

  2. Dry Piping Network (GI)

  3. Deluge Valve & Accessories

  4. Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzles

Automatic detection system is provided for the operation of MVWS system for all the Cable galleries and conveyors. The system essentially consists of a network of piping fitted with MVWS nozzle to give required angle and quantity of water around the protected area.

The entire protected equipment is sectionalized into suitable number of zones and each zone is protected by independent automatic MVWS system with a solenoid operated Deluge valve. Upon detection of fire by the LHS cable/appropriate detection system, zone wise alarm is made available in the Main Fire Alarm Panel. The solenoid operated Deluge Valve is opened automatically and brings the spray system into operation for the affected zone and in the two zones adjacent to affected zones.