HVWS System

High velocity water spray systems are used for protection of transformers and certain types of oil tanks and such other equipment. 

High Velocity Water Spray System consists of the following components:

   (i) Fire Pump sets (Electric Motor Driven Pump Spray and Common Standby Diesel Engine Pump, together with jockey pump for system pressurisation)
   (ii) Main header piping (MS, Black)
   (iii) Dry piping network (GI)
   (iv) Deluge Valve and Accessories
   (v) Quartzoid Bulb Detector
   (vi) High Velocity Water Spray (HVWS) Nozzles
The High Velocity Water Spray System shall consist of two separate piping networks, one for detection network around the protected equipment with Quartzoid bulb detectors fitted at the strategic locations, from where ignition of fire is most likely, and the second ring on which HVWS nozzles are mounted at suitable points to spray water on the equipment in case of fire.

The High Velocity Water Spray nozzles are fitted in such a manner that the spray pattern can completely envelope the protected area and overlap each other such that the entire surface of the area is covered with water spray.