HVWS nozzles

Looking for best grade spray nozzles? If yes, than have a look at our offered HVWS nozzles that are highly versatile and durable. These are suitable for circuit breakers, electrical transformers, oil-fired boilers, lube oil systems. In addition to this, the said products are mostly required in the high velocity water application areas. Our processed equipments are high velocity water sprays which protect from fire. These are designed for controlling and blocking the fire from spreading any further. HVWS nozzles work on 12kg/cm2 rate. Made with utmost care and dedication using stainless steel and modern technologies. Redeemable in different finishing and sizes. 

  • Type : Internal Swirl Plate HVW Spray type open nozzle
  • HVWS nozzle K-factor Metric (US) & spray angle : K-22 (1.5) x 80°, K-26 (1.8) x 120° , K-36 (2.5) x 90°
  • Rated max. working pressure : 12 kg/cm2
  • Effective working pressure : 3.5 to 6.0 kg/cm2
  • Material of construction
  • Housing & spiracle : m) : S.S. AISI 316
  • Strainer : S.S. AISI 316
  • Marking : Make, Type, Batch No.
  • GA drawing / catalogue enclosed : Yes