Foam Systems

Typically Foam System is used to combat Fire in HFO/LDO Tankages.  In the event of fire in any HFO/LDO Tank, the Probe type Heat detectors mounted on the tank detects the fire and actuates the Deluge valve of the respective tank (Automatic/Fixed Foam system) along with the Deluge valve of semi automatic / semi fixed Foam system, through the Solenoid Valve provided in the respective Deluge valve trims.

Simultaneously, the main Foam pump also starts automatically through the Fire Alarm Panel. Water from hydrant header starts flowing through the Deluge valve to the proportioner and the foam concentrate from the Foam tank reaches the inlet of the hydraulically operated valve. As soon as pressure develops at inlet of proportioner, the valve opens automatically thereby injecting Foam concentrate into water flowing through the proportioner.  The  rate  of  injection  of  Foam  concentrate  is  controlled  by  the  pressure  operated  valve (Balancing Valve), ensuring mixing of Foam concentrate with water in the right proportion.

The Foam water mixture flows to the Foam makers provided for the affected tank, where it is aerated and converted into Foam & discharged in to the tank. Once the Foam is discharged in to the tank, it spreads on the oil surface forming a blanket and extinguishers the fire.