Fire Alarm Systems

A fire detection and alarm system is a micro processor based software controlled system.  Each loop has a capacity to accommodate a certain numbers of addressable devices and detectors.  This gives the panel capacity to individually identify and control detection and control points.  The panel will provide annunciation of all alarms and troubles on the system at the LCD backlit display on the panel front. The power supply requirement for the panel is 240V, 50 Hz 1 Ph AC.

All the addressable photoelectric smoke detectors, multisensor type detectors, addressable rate of rise cum fixed temperature heat detectors, addressable manual pull stations (indoor and outdoor type) and other special type devices are provided throughout the protected area as per norms.  

All the addressable devices are wired to the Main Control Panel through Fire Alarm Control Cable.  A graphic annunciation system may also be provided if required to provide a pictorial representation of the location of fire.